Although RATES acts like a unified and integrated system, however, behind the scenes it’s an intricate masterpiece in software, firmware, and hardware architecture, integration, and testing. It spans at least 10 different and disparate systems, data types, and processes. It has to make sense of and make intelligent decisions based on transactional, informational, real time energy/reactive power, climate conditions, device statuses, occupancy, mobile presence/geo fencing, voice commands, and even machine-learning sets. 

Key Compenents

CAISO Portal: Where LMP price are retrieved every 5 minutes
ADSI: Creates and processes tenders, positions, transactions, and delivery for Distribution Operators
ALSI: Creates and processes tenders, positions, transactions, and delivery for Load Serving Entities
TeMix Platform: Manages the overall transactional processing of tenders, transactions, positions, and delivery including pushing tenders to the ISY Portal for each customer and receiving transactions from the  ISY Portal for each customer
TeMix Agent: Machine learning and optimization engine for each customer
ISY Portal: The system that integrates home with everything else. It consists of 6 differnet machines for a variety of tasks
VTN: This the system developed by CEC Group 3 (EPRI) and provides additional pricing information
ISY994: This is a little box that manages everything at the home
Polyglot: This is yet another little box that integrates with such disparate things as exotic sensors, chargers, inverters, etc.